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How to Create An Excellent Facebook ID Card 2016

In this post you will learn about how to create a Facebook ID card as like that (see the below photo)

Facebook is a most popular social media all over the world. It plays a great role to connecting people. We can not imagine our life without it. We will use it for community with friends and family. Not only personal, it is also used for commercial purposes. However, I do not like to tell about because of it is so difficult to share importance of FB.
All users want to become a popular among their friends. You and me also trying our best to doing something new in FB am I right?. We share photos, status, and also so many things for getting more likes and comments. Getting more responses from friends is a great feeling. Today I'm going to share with you an amazing trick that will surely help you for getting more likes and comments. So let's begin.

Create facebook id Card 

It is so easy way to creating this. Just follow the below simple steps:
  • Firstly Log in to your Facebook account 
  • Then, click on this link Generate facebook id card
  • Now you can see a page. Click on generate my Id card button
    generate my id card
  • Now this app will redirect your FB account, allow to accessing on your account (don't worry this is not a scam)
  • After that, wait for few second. Your id card will be ready. Now click on share this card on Facebook button. 
Final Word

I know that, this tips maybe you know. But some of my friends send me message on FB and they want to know how to create a Facebook id card. Hopefully, you may like this post and don't forget to share with me how many likes and comment you will get after share it on your Facebook Wall. 

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How to Cancel All Sent Friend Request on Facebook? - Protect Your ID

Hello guys today I'll be going to share with an important trick about Facebook. That is how to cancel all sent friend request. There are some policy has included that you should know as a user of FB. You can not send to many requests in a day.

There is no problem if the user accepted your request. But the problem will begin when a user unhappy to accept your friend request. In this case, Facebook authority thought that you are scamming on FB.

As a result, your ID may be blocked by Facebook. Sometimes block for 2 or 3 days even for ever. So to protect your account from block you should need to aware about friend request. Sometimes we sent many request some unknown persons.

It is not good for your account. You need to canceled them. In this post you will learn how to cancel them easily.

Canceling sent Friend request in Facebook.  

There are to many ways to doing that. You can manually visit the person's timeline and cancel your pending request. But it may take too much time. Here I will show you an easy way. Here you can see all Facebook friend request sent list and start to cancel them
  • Log in your Facebook account 
  • And use this direct link. Click on this link
  • After clicking this link, you can see friend request sent list. 
  • Keep canceling one by one. 

We doing lot of things for protect our Facebook id from block. If you're not aware of canceling all sent friend request on Facebook, your ID will be blocked. So always try to send request to your knowing person.

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How to Download Facebook Video Without Using Any Software

When it comes to about Video, YouTube is above all out there. It's the by far worlds no 1 Video sharing website.

But at present time, Facebook has becoming a great source of videos. Now every organization or individuals started to sharing a video along with a text post on their timeline.

So you may have noticed that, there has been lot of videos showing in your Facebook timeline while scrolling down.

Suppose ! one day you found a video something funny and it need to be download. But you failed because there is no any direct option in FB which let you download any Video.

Don't be upset. There is a little trick by which you can easily download Facebook video without using any software. Sound good ! Reading on to know how to do that...

Steps to Downloading Facebook Video without software  

There are few steps ahead to downloading your desired video from Facebook. Follow below instruction you will know the exact process of downloading.
  1. First of all, Login to FB and find out the video which you wanted to download. 
  2. Once the video is found, Click on Play button and start the video
    Download Facebook Video Without Software
  3. Right click on the video, and also clicked on Show Video URL. After that, a link will be given copy that link.
  4. Now open a new tab in your browser and paste the copied link and replace www with m
    replace the URL
  5. Click Enter and play the video once again. During playing right click on the video and select save video as.
    save the video URL for download
  6. Once done, a dialog box will open select the place where you wanted to save this file (ex: Desktop) and save the file. 
  7. Cheers ! You're successfully done..
To be honest, it's really hard to share something related to Facebook. Because every internet user has a great experience about it, after all it's the father of all social media over the internet.

So that was an ease but really helpful article for many peoples. Hopefully from this guide you would learned how to download a video from Facebook. Now when ever you found a video interesting, funny download it with this method.

If you liked this above trick, please considered to share it on your social media.
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How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently [With Pictures]

Do you want to delete your Facebook account permanently? If yes ! Then you will get a complete tutorial from this post.
Facebook authority do not want to leave a user from them that's why it is a little difficult to leave FB forever. But there has must have an option to do it. You can easily abandon Facebook with using that option. So let's start

Permanently delete Facebook account   

Follow the below steps that will be help you leave FB.
  • Firstly log in your account and click on this secret link. Delete account 
  • Once you clicking this link a pop up window will be open, then click on delete my account link.
    delete my account
  • Now a page will be opened. Now re-enter your password and fill the security box. Click on ok button. 
    How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently
  • After clicking ok button, a page will be open again. Now also select okay button.
      Permanently Delete my  Account
  •  After that, you can't no longer active on Facebook. You would be logged out from FB. Check your mail inbox (Which email you uses on Facebook). A mail came from Facebook and you are requested to come back your account. If you willing to come back in your account, then you can use the given link and you can carry on your account. You must be log in withing 14 days otherwise your account will be delete permanently. 
  • If you are want to return you ID, then click on this link. After that, a page will be opened. Here you can still able to select whatever you want. Choose is yours.
    choose delete or no your account
 I never suggest you that, you leave Facebook forever. But If you have any problem over using FB then you can delete Facebook account permanently. Hopefully the above post will be helpful for you. Don't forget to share this article with your friends through Facebook.
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Post Status, Comment With cool Stylish Text on Facebook

Have you ever been seen that someone update their status or comment with stylish Text?. If yes !! Then you may also want to doing that on your Facebook timeline.
Facebook is a most popular social media all over the world. It is the right place to share your creativity with others.
Today I'm going to share with you an amazing trick that will be help you to do something new in your FB wall. So let's begin this amazing tips.
Steps -1:
  • Click on this link stylish text generator. 
  • After that, you can see a page. 
  • Now write whatever you want in the text box. And choose text effect from the bellow options. After that, click on Generate button. See the below screen shot.
    stylish text generator
  • Now copy the text. And go to Facebook log in to your account. Paste it where you want to share.
    update status with stylish text
  • You can able to paste this text wherever you want. Like as status, comment, in a conversation even more.  
Steps -2
You can also use this amazing websites
  • Go to Stylish Facebook fonts 
  • On the next page. Write your desired text in the box. After that, click on convert button. Scroll down and chose one of the effect from these given option. 
    stylish facebook fonts
  • Now click on the copy link. And paste it wherever you want to share in your FB account.
    post status with stylish fonts
There are also had lots of websites in internet to generate cool text. But in my case, I like these two websites most.

In the above post wast that how to update status with cool stylish font in Facebook. Friends we doing our best to doing something new in our Facebook. Hopefully, that post will help you to make something difference among your friends. How is this post ? Please share your opinion thorough comment.
Please like our page - https://www.facebook.com/ftipszone
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How to Create a Facebook Business Page [With Pictures]

A Facebook fan page is a great place where the customer of your business can share their opinion and get the latest update and upcoming news about your business. Creating a Facebook page for your business will help you to reach more customers, make new customers, increasing sell your product and services. So If you want to create a page for your business just follow the below simple steps:
  1. Log in and open your FB account : After log in to your account then, click on create page button. 
    create page
  2. Once you click on create page link you can see a page. Here you can see 6 categories. Select one of them which is suitable for your business. For example here I will use "local business or place". See screen shot
    choose page category
  3. When you click on the one of category then, you can see a page. Now fill the page with your business information [place, name, zip code, phone etc]. After putting all information then, click on get started button.
    business or page
       4. Set Up Your Page : Your page will almost ready. In this steps set up your page. Here you will find 4 steps to set up your page.
set up your business page
  • About : Add  category and description of your organization. If you have any website of your company then, put it here.  
  • Profile Picture : Upload a professional profile picture. You can use your company logo. The profile picture size is [180x180px]
  • Add to favorites : Add to favorites to easily access it any time. 
  • Preferred Page Audience : Here you can select location, age, gender, interest. 
    5. After that, your page almost ready for use. Now upload a professional cover photo and update your page with the latest information of your company. 

So currently having a Facebook business page is a great way to increase your product sell for free. You can not find a company without a page. So hopefully you like this post. Always connect with Facebook Tips Zone. Thanks for reading this article.
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